Saturday, 23 August 2014

Personal Grooming with WhatHeWants

It's the end of the second week of school and I must say, after two weeks a big difference I noticed between the university life and that of the junior college one is that there is a larger emphasis on physical appearance. How a person dresses and looks actually matters a lot more now, so all of a sudden there's the pressure to put in more effort in personal grooming. I guess that's something that's still a relatively unfamiliar for many of us guys out there, but fear not, the folks at WhatHeWants are here to help us. 

WhatHeWants is a young dynamic company dedicated to providing the finest grooming products for men of style and substance.

I personally am very familiar with the store - I actually own and use quite a number of items sold in their store, and today I will be introducing several of the products that can be found in the store. The items I chose were based on what issues I felt people my age group would be the most concerned about, so hopefully I will cover areas that you can identify with. 

 Six Pack Slimming Solution by Billy Jealousy ($77)

Six-Pack stimulates the body’s lymphatic system through a delivery system of caffeines which enable bioflavinoids to break down and liquefy fat. This leaves your torso looking sharper, toned and more chiseled. Six Pack takes about 1-2 weeks of everyday use to see noticeable results. Use prior to workout for faster results.

I must say that this product was the one that got me the most excited - who can say no to slimming down without the need to exercise, right? I did actually try this on and I must say that I really like that it's easy to put on, and has a light and pleasant smell which is masculine but not overpowering. I tried it on for a night (ask me again after two weeks if I see substantial results) and I don't know if it was just me, but I did feel that when I woke up my tummy did feel slighter slimmer than it usually would. Within 30 minutes of application, I feel the skin slightly tighten as well which was reassuring. As you can see from the label, this product won the Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2010 Best Toning Product, so I guess that says something about it. It's no surprise that this is a best seller!

 Slush Fund Styling Mud by Billy Jealousy ($29)

Tired of playing by the rules? Want to shake things up? Dip into Slush Fund Styling Mud. Slush Fund provides strong, long-lasting hold for short-to-long hair. It shapes & styles both damp and dry hair, creating textured, elastic contours. Intially goes on a little shiny but quickly mattifies. Being this unscrupulous never looked so good.a

The second product that I would like to introduce today would be the another one from Billy Jealousy. Now I know for a fact that if there was one thing about their looks that guys put in alot of effort in, it would be their hair, so I knew for sure that I would review a hair product. As someone who styles his hair almost every single day, this is one thing that I knew I had to talk about. I used this product for several times and I must say that my favourite thing about it would be that it feels natural. The thing about many of the hair products I use is that after several hours they tend to feel really uncomfortable and I sometimes even get headaches from them. From the multiple times that I tried this styling mud, I had no issues regarding that so I am glad on that count. I would recommend this product for people with lighter or thinner hair. For people who have thicker hair like myself, I would recommend being slightly more generous with the amount used for each application if you're looking to have your hair set for the entire day.

Acne Spot Repair by Menscience ($55)

Immediately eliminates acne breakouts, redness and helps heal blemished skin. Application also absorbs quickly into the skin. Eliminates breakouts in 24-48 hours. Helps diminish acne-caused redness and inflammation. Heals and repairs acne-stressed skin.

When the Health Education textbooks in primary school said that pimple breakouts will stop by my late teens, they were lying. Even at this age I still have to deal with constant acne breakouts, which is of course very, very frustrating. No one likes acne. I personally find it a bane. I do actually have a pimple situation to deal with right now (sigh, yet another one) and I must say that after two days of application of this product, the pimple has pretty much vanished which is fantastic. A big difference I noticed that was the redness was reduced significantly, which is commendable for working in such a short period of time. For those of you who are unable to find something to successfully combat your acne problems, why not try this one out and give it a shot?

BB Cream – Medium to Dark 50ml by Human and Kind ($49)

Provide any sensitive, combination or normal skin with the perfect blend of moisture and warm, sheer colour to help even out skin tone without acting like a foundation. The antioxidant benefits of the natural and organic ingredients, all help to reduce UV damage and aid in skin repair. 5 Amazing Results: - Evens out skin tone - Conceals Imperfections - Lifts and Wrinkles - Long lasting hydration - Natural SPF15 protects against UV damage

Still on the issue of facial concerns, the last product that I wish to introduce is the BB Cream by Human and Kind. While healing pimples may be ideal, it takes time for it to take effect. A more immediate solution to the problem of unwanted pimples and acne would be to conceal it. BB Cream is preferred to concealers due to the skincare benefits it entails compared to using a concealer. I chose the Medium to Dark tone as I feel like most men have darker skintones simply due to the fact that most of us, myself included, do not bother to use sunblock and getting tan really isn't that big of a deal. I've been told time and again that it is a big deal, and our skin is being exposed to all sorts of harm and more steps should be taken to alleviate the problem. Fret not though, it's not to late to start and using this product would be a a step in the right direction. What's great about it is that it looks natural - no guy ever wants to be caught wearing anything on their face (even though we jolly well should)!

There you have it! Four essential products to help us combat some the major problems we guys have to deal with. What's fantastic is that they are available under one roof, and that would be at WhatHeWants.

WhatHeWants has two physical outlets in Singapore. One at The Cathay and one at Orchard Central. 

WhatHeWants Grooming For Men Store @ The Cathay 
2 Handy Road, #01-06 Singapore 229233 
Tel: 6738 6903 
Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut 
Opening Hours 
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm 
Saturday: 10 am to 4pm 
Sunday: Closed 

WhatHeWants Grooming For Men Store @ Orchard Central 
181 Orchard Road, #03-30 Singapore 238896 
Tel: 6634 0386 
Nearest MRT station: Somerset 
Opening Hours 
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm 
Saturday: 10 am to 4pm 
Sunday: Closed

You might also be interested to know that they have revamped their website! You can check it out at!

Thinking about What She Wants as well? Fret not, just hop over to our sister store at Superberry.ME ( right opposite WhatHeWants at Orchard Central to find to find everything a lady needs.

I hope that this post will be useful and I look forward to seeing better groomed guys all around thanks to the folks over at WhatHeWants!

Till next time!