Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beach Shoot with Stephanie Lee!

It's another shoot with one of my favourite models, Steph! She's so easy to work with and we always vibe off each other during shoots which I feel makes the process much faster and all in all, shooting with Steph has always been a breeze.

This shoot was the first one that I did after taking a short break from photography, so I was excited and eager to get back out there and do what I love doing most. The concept for this shoot was pretty simple and straightforward - a simple, summer look at the beach. It's a total one-eighty from the previous shoot we did, and I love it! It's always good to try out new things so it's really fun just mixing things up. It's almost like playing dress up when we were kids; maybe that's why I enjoy it so much. 

We actually shot this at Pasir Ris beach, which isn't exactly the first choice that would come to mind when I say "beach photoshoot" but hey, we managed to work with it and I feel that the pictures turned out gorgeous. Major props to Steph too - we were surrounded by so many people who were staring - families having a picnic, old uncles fishing, people camping out, etc and yet she still aced pose after pose as if we were shooting in a studio. 

I must also mention how lucky we were as everything just went so smoothly for this shoot. It had been raining the past couple of days and even as we set out to shoot, the dark clouds were threatening to start pouring but thankfully, it managed to hold out. I was actually really nervous about that as had it actually rained, there was really not much we could do as an alternative. On top of that, we had to battle against time because due to our busy schedules we could only squeeze out an hour or two in the evening and we shot right till the sun had set and just as we wrapped our shoot, the sky turned dark. As I said, everything just fell into place. Lovely!

Here are the rest of the pictures! I hope you like them!

Do you feel like heading out to the beach now? Yeah, thought so. I dare you to try out Pasir Ris beach - you might just catch some pretty unusual sights, like say a beautiful model randomly posing amongst mere mortals. 

If you have an Instagram account, make sure you follow Steph at @stephanieleesh and if you haven't already done so, do follow me at @limxingzhijoel. 

Till next time!